Sunday, September 27, 2015

And a child shall lead them

‪#‎balloflight‬ has shown me that these little people are galaxies of their own. We think that we are here to guide them and often they are here to guide us. In the past 2 weeks she has inquired about each and every corner of myself that I didn't know she knew about and wondered how I would ever teacher her. Just after the last new moon, she found a bowl of stones/crystals and wanted to know about each one and how to clean them. This 3 year old sat down for over an hour - learning about each stone and helping me clean them. Her favorites? Amethyst and lumerian with a special liking for garnet. She was so patient with each one and even asked if she could put certain ones in the window so "the sun could touch them."
Last night, she was a model student for dance and sacred movement and then concluded the lesson by leading me through a series of yoga poses while adjusting my 3 legged downward dog pose - like a pro! After that she worked on her school projects with an impeccable discipline and focus. As usual, she led me in a simple and poignant prayer before bedtime. Something along the lines of, "I love everyone. I love life. God, bless all that I love. Amen! Ase'O!!"
This morning, she brought my waist beads into the room while I was dressing and asked if I was going to wear them today and when could she get her own. 
Dear #balloflight,
One day, you will have your own beads, gems and adornments. Time will make sure of it. These things will accent you the way light reflecting off of water adds color to the sun setting and hug you like clouds kissing a full moon rising; but, the sun is still the sun, the moon is still the moon and you little girl, are still a galaxy unto yourself. A magical part of a larger universe full of wonder and everything I seek to understand. 
I tell you this every day and I hope you never forget: you are made of the same material of stars, event horizons and galaxies that we have yet to encounter or dream of. You are magic. A supernova dipped in dark honey and ether. I touch these hips that opened to bring you here and I am humbled. I look at my jawline on your face, my grandfather's grandfather's dip in your upper lip and the concept of time is redefined. In your laugh, I hear my grandmothers singing. Every part of me and your father is woven into your smile. Each day, I am blown away by the power of blood, bones, skin and melanin. 
#balloflight, thank you. You assuage my fears. I was worried that somewhere between leaving our home with only you on my back and shifting my world into a life I came to live could possibly be the wrong for you. However, every day you teach me that it is important for mothers of daughters to rise to our best and holiest selves. It is important for us to be the dream that we have for you. Womanhood can not be outlined in speeches shoved down the mouth of preteens juggling red moons and patriarchy. Womanhood is learned through eyes, ears and every quiet moment. Becoming a woman is the art of a witness. It's easier to be what you see. Every day you remind me that I am giving you something that inspires and that the best me equals the best you. 
Little girl, thank you for blessing me. You are the closest to God that I have ever known. I love being your mother, your guide and a witness to your journey.
I love you.

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