Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Sermon #051610: Unfenced Transformer

Getting out of the way and allowing divinity to guide me has been a radical experience.  I am learning that the fences I built to keep others out have locked me in.   While life cuts wholes in the gates, I realize that fences and walls have nothing to do with safety.  As I walk beyond and through this rubble formerly known as wall, I am learning my ability to choose peace and joy are my safety net.  It is my willingness and spiritual practice to choose peace no matter what that shields me. And that is work...on a physical, emotional, spiritual, astral and psychological plane. I am grateful for the process. It is a challenge though...

In addition, I am amazed at the beauty in people that I have denied myself just because they did not "fit" or I ass-u-me-d I would not "fit" them.  The beautiful thing about allowing yourself to see, think, and imagine as a divine being is that spirit does not need to "fit".

I must admit, this newness is troubling at times.  Seeing myself and others from a space of divinity challenges EVERYTHING I thought I knew about myself and others.  It requires me to be new in every moment with everyone.  It requires me to transform and transcend.

So my quote this week and song this week is by Gnarles Barkley.   A very dear person that I had the blessed opportunity to meet while working on At Freedom's Door ( sent this song to me at the beginning of the year and it still resonates with my soul.  Thank you Aidah Rasheed.  This gift keeps giving.  May you be eternally blessed.

"Behold the beautiful and bold. Everyday I wake up to be new." Gnarls Barkley

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  1. if you're not growing, you're dying...and I believe you decided you want to grow...Love, Light, & Blessings to you...


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  3. (Had to delete first post -- too many typos) Echoing YHC's sentiments. I've not been able to view the footage yet but -- the idea of barriers not always meaning safety is very serious. Please - you know I know, LOL. I do believe that culling the emotional and social clutter and curating the mind on a daily BASIS makes way for the living to emerge from the thinker. I have learned what it feels like to suffocate. There is NO way but life.

  4. WOW!!!!!!! love your blog...very inspirational!!!!!!! I'm following your blog now :-)

    (hope you follow my blog too {= )

  5. The light stands out because it is outstanding..That light being the truth, which is life that is nothing but love and ultimately God has led me to the page at this very moment and it was exactly what I needed in a time where peace of mind seemed lodged so far in the darkness of confusion. There's nothing like the affirmation of ones divinity and no matter how many times it happens it always feels like the first every time. Thank you empress...SHE