Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Sermon #050910: Who is imagining you?

Quote governing my week:
"It is not what you imagine.  It is who is imagining.  Are you a human, or a Divine Being?" -Law of Het Heru from MAAT: The 11 Laws of God by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Lately, the question in the forefront of my mind has been "how would my life be different if I didn't do anything out of fear or past pain?"  In my attempt to answer this question, I have left a 10-year career teaching middle school students, manifested a new job within the arts and in my community, wrote a book of affirmations that I am now shopping to publishers, and worked to dismantle all barriers to love within me.  Shifting my quality of life from living in fear/pain to living in love/peace is wonderful and amazing work but it is work indeed.  I have found that claiming it and visualizing it is a very important step, but a fairly surface step.  This mornings meditations led me to a deeper understanding and a key component of the act of visualizing and manifesting. Tua Neter Het Heru.

The first thing that I must consider when I am imagining is who am I when I am imagining?  Am I imagining/visualizing what I want from a very human space or am I imagining/visualizing as a divine being?  Answering this question first often changes the context and the depth of my visualizations.  It encourages me to see myself through an elevated/spiritual eye and feel myself with a cultivated heart.    When I visualize from a place of love/peace I find that the things that I want speak to my oneness with others, cultivates my will and fortifies my patience with my plans to attain what I desire.  In addition, visualizing as a divine being aligns me with divinity and keeps me walking on a divine path.

I am grateful for prayers and meditation.  I am grateful for my morning of dance with my Het-Heru sisters.  I am grateful for my experience and my family at KIMA.  I have left the building but that does not matter because our hearts and spirits do not rest in stone.  I am excited about manifesting/visualizing as a Divine Being.  I am grateful for being made in the image and likeness of God.  Let's go!

The Third Eye by Roy Ayers
Baby, Baby, Baby...look to the sky. Baby, Baby, Baby...look to the sky.  Seeking to find the third eye.  Seeking to find the third eye. Secrets of numbers.  Secrets of sound.  Secrets of sound.  Secrets of wisdom will be found.  


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  2. You are bound for great success, GoddeSIS! You've already taken that decisive step to create your divine reality, once you shifted your perspective from Hu-Man to God. LOVE!!! Excited about your Godly movements and all the wonderful manifestations 2 come!

  3. you were my church this morning! thank you for the reminder that the eyes through which we see ourselves greatly impacts what we see/imagine...

  4. @Auset7wonders And you know the journey! Thank you for being one of those setting fire to the path through the woods. Trust was a lot easier to do having some footsteps to follow.

    @kinkywaves You made it church when you came to fellowship. Sistar...isn't it nice that we can come together and remind each other of the hows. Speaking of how...when are you going to do a workshop on writing a one woman show? Just an idea you might want to consider if you have not already. And when is your play showing again?

    @Maureen nuff said!!!